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Great concrete work doesn’t have to look dull. Our professionals are passionate about making sure each and every job we do is not only professionally done and meets even the highest of standards, but also making it look as good as possible for the property owner.

When we get an order for stamped concrete that makes it a special type of excitement. Not only does stamped concrete give our professionals a chance to show what they can do, but it’s exciting for us to work with the various designs and aesthetics available. Nothing like seeing the face of a satisfied customer who is stunned by just how good the final design looks.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is any type of concrete that has a color or pattern textured in, or embossed, to create an appearance of something else. Stained concrete is used inside and outside of a house and can look like marble, colored concrete, brick pattern, decorative stone, granite, or even mixtures of any of these.


The possibility between different colors, looks, and designs is actually pretty remarkable. If you have a look in mind, there’s a very good chance we can get you a look or pattern that fits, and at a price that is cheaper than the design that the concrete mimics.

Stamped concrete is used by some contractors interchangeably with the term decorative concrete. Whether you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to kitchen countertops that still look stunning or want a driveway that looks like fancy brick but with the durability and smoothness of pavement – this is your answer!

What Options Exist for Stamped Concrete?

While it’s not magic, stamped concrete can be very versatile and have a number of different applications. We tend to use the term decorative concrete for anything indoors to avoid confusion while stamped concrete is outdoors and most often used with a different technique to get that look.

There are many people who are big fans of this for a back deck or a front driveway and it’s not too hard to see why.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Unfortunately there are some potential drawbacks, although those usually aren’t as big a deal in warmer climates. The biggest are that sometimes these can cause a little bit of extra smoothness. If there’s a lot of snow or rain in some limited cases this can make the surface slicker than it would otherwise be.

This is especially true with inclined driveways.

That is the main issue, and as long as that isn’t a major concern then there isn’t much more to potentially complain about at all.

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This is an image of a decorative stamped concrete walkway.
This is an image of a stamped concrete pool deck on a residential property.