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Everything You Need to Know About Foundation Repair

It’s great to have a house with a solid foundation. But what if the foundation needs repair? This may be caused by improperly installed or done repairs, soil erosion, or even previously not repaired damages. In this case, it is crucial to hire specialists who know what they are doing!


What Our Foundation Repair Address

There is a wide range of problems which can cause cracks and other damage to your home. Foundation issues may be even more severe than previously thought, as they may also indicate hidden issues with walls and rooms. A damaged foundation can lead to:


  •  Structural imbalances 
  • Leaking 
  • Mold growth

Crawlspace repair is needed after water damage has caused mold to form. Water seeping into or surrounding a basement causes it to become flooded. A sunken foundation can cause cracks in walls and ceilings, putting the structure at risk for further damage. Repairing these issues requires an experienced contractor who knows which type of solution will best address the problem.


Contact Us If Your Foundation Is Damaged

If you notice any of these problems mentioned above, it’s time to contact specialists like us as soon as possible. Remember that it is better to spend some money on repairing your foundation than having big structural repairs in the future or even demolishing your home! 


Our first step involves assessing the degree of damage and finding out what kind of repairs we need to do. Usually, there are two main types of damage: sinking and heaving. If there is more than one problem with your foundation, we will solve all of them at once. This is the advantage of hiring one of the best pourers in town. We will save you some money since our company will solve all cracks.


We will also investigate what is causing the damage and develop a plan of action on how to solve it. We will provide you with a free quote, including materials and labor costs. Our affordable prices are one of the reasons why we stand out.

What Is a Sunken Foundation?

A sunken foundation usually results from settlement issues, but your home’s foundation may sometimes settle for other reasons. If you suspect too much water around your foundation, then it is time to call a specialist. It’s crucial not to delay the process because if you do, the problems will only get worse! Sometimes all you have to do is add more soil and gravel around your home’s foundation and apply sealant or waterproof coatings (provided by some contractors).

What to Do If Your Foundation is Heaving

A heaving foundation occurs when there are changes in moisture levels – usually due to external sources such as excessive rainwater – causing parts of the structure to move upwards. This problem generally requires excavation work for fixing since it involves digging up sections of your house’s exterior walls. The exterior walls need trench drains to release moist air from outside. The builders will usually add insulation and a layer of inert waterproof material to protect the foundation while filling it with gravel or other materials to support it properly. Sometimes steel piers are used to fix a heaving foundation without digging up everything.

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