Decorative Concrete Millbury, MA

Decorative Concrete In Millbury

For an aesthetically pleasing concrete surface, decorative concrete Millbury is the option you need. Decorative concrete can be used in various applications, from commercial to residential. Decorative concrete can take the form of stamped concrete or colored or stained cement. Stamped concrete is poured just like regular concrete, but it’s finished with an imprinted design. Colored cement also requires a special type of cement that provides better color retention than plain concretes.


A common misconception about decorative concrete is that it covers up the existing surface of the slab being installed on top of it. A new layer will be placed down to install any decorative finish, but this does not mean that you are covering up the original grey color of the slab underneath. In most cases, the existing slab will show through the decorative finish to produce a unique and personalized look.


Benefits of Decorative Concrete Installation

1. Durability

Decorative concrete is made to last, so it’s essential to consider getting a warranty with your newly installed slab for the first year of service. This will protect both you and the installer that installs your decorative surface. The warranty will be valid through any defects in material or workmanship that may have occurred during the installation process.


2. Energy Efficiency/Decreased Energy Costs After Installing Decorative Concrete

The best part about installing concrete slabs instead of other types of flooring surfaces is that they are extremely energy efficient, which means that you can save on winter heating bills because more of the heat from the furnace will not be used to keep the rooms warm. The installation of decorative concrete will also help decrease the humidity in your home.


3. Comfort

Decorative concrete slabs are very comfortable underfoot, so there is no need for additional material to put down before installation if you have regular foot traffic on the flooring surface.


4. Versatility

Decorative surfaces can be colored with any color conceivable, including stamped, stained, acid-etched, and exposed aggregate concrete. Meaning, you are not limited in what colors are available when designing your new space. You can also choose from different types of aggregates or rocks contained in the mixture, including pebbles, marbles, glass beads, and seashells.


5. Decreased Noise

Noise is always an issue in the home when walking across wooden or carpeted surfaces, so it’s best to consider concrete slabs for noise reduction and durability. The installation of decorative concrete at your business location will also reduce noise, making the work environment more comfortable.

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From polished to stained floors, we have the knowledge and skill to create the best concrete projects for your home or business. Our services are also affordable that will fit into any budget.


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