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Masonry is an ancient trade built on craftsmanship, experience, and tradition. It has evolved through the centuries to encompass modern building techniques, new materials, and environmental considerations. The masonry industry is a broad umbrella term used to describe construction, brickwork, paving stones, and stone cladding. Masonry work includes everything from laying bricks or tiles on your kitchen wall to building an entire house out of brick.

The masonry industry covers many areas, including building construction, repair, restoration, and conservation. Both craftsmanship and quality play an important role in ensuring that the job meets the client’s needs. 

The four main sectors for this type of activity cover: 

  • Commercial or industrial: offices, restaurants, etc.
  • Residential: houses, flats, etc.
  • Restoration and conservation: listed buildings
  • Others: shopping centers, schools, hospitals, etc.

No matter what kind of masonry services you need, our company can handle your project – big or small. We are one of the top masonry companies in Westborough, providing world-class services. Call us now for your free estimate!

Local Masonry Contractors

Are you from Westborough, MA? Do you have a block wall that has deteriorated to where it can no longer hold itself together? Don’t look any further. With our team of versatile, experienced, licensed, and highly trained installers and contractors, you couldn’t ask for more. Besides, this is our specialty!

Also, come to us if you are experiencing the following issues in your home or business:

  • Cracks in the walls of your home that are growing larger over time. 
  • The mortar on your brick or stone building is deteriorating quickly and becoming chalky, flaking apart, or turning soft. These are signs of natural deterioration from weathering and freeze/thaw cycles, but also from excessive water or moisture penetration into a poor-quality foundation work or through a poorly installed stone façade. 
  • A walkway, patio, or driveway made of pavers with many gaps and spaces between individual pieces. 
  • The grout around tiles has become discolored and stained with mold and mildew.
  • Your chimney is sinking into the roof. 
  • The joints in your stone walls are separating and letting water seep through into the interior of your home. 

Masonry Repair

Professional masonry repair services should be sought in every instance where a collapse has occurred. This repair work is best left to those trained in this craft, as they understand how to right any wrongs with the masonry substrate and help your building look as good as new.

The number one contributing factor for concrete masonry unit failure is moisture damage. In an attempt to protect the brickwork from water ingress, particularly during winter months when harsh weather can freeze and thaw its way into a structure, many homeowners use cavity-fill insulation foam at the rear of their brick wall. While this may keep a property warm in winter, it traps moisture against a bricklaying exterior face, causing problems down the line. As soon as warmer weather comes around again, this trapped water evaporates, leading to damage to the mortar joints and other masonry units.

Another cause of concrete masonry unit failure is the lack of an appropriate moisture barrier or gutter system installed at the eaves or roofline. As water flows down from these areas, it should be diverted from the brick wall by either a guttering system or drainage matting. Failing to install this will lead to water ingress and ice formation around your bricks during colder weather.

These are only some of the many masonry problems we can repair in your home or business. Contact us today and meet your new masonry partners!

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