Concrete Sideways Grafton, MA

All About Concrete Sideways

Concrete sidewalks are a common sight in Grafton. Some private homeowners prefer asphalt or gravel because they are less expensive and easier to maintain. Still, businesses and government entities typically select concrete for their projects because it is more durable. A concrete sidewalk installation is a cost-effective option that lasts 30 years or longer without needing repair or replacement. In addition, it provides an attractive look that enhances the curb appeal of your property.


Why Use Concrete Sidewalks?

Because concrete sidewalks can stand up against weathering and wear, they can improve the value of your property. You don’t have to pay for expensive repairs or repaving down the road because you selected a low-maintenance option that will be there indefinitely.

While it is important to compare all options before deciding what kind of sidewalk installation you want on your property, this is when we step in. We will provide you with expert advice to guide you in your decision.


Asphalt Vs. Concrete

As experts with years of experience in the industry, we know both asphalt and concrete. Generally, asphalt is more flexible, while concrete can crack if it freezes. Concrete sidewalks last longer without providing a safe walking surface, while some prefer the look of asphalt sidewalks because they appear to be non-slip options.


When comparing asphalt and concrete options, most people have their preferences, but many don’t realize how different they are. By weighing your options carefully with our assistance, you can choose what works best for your property and enhance curb appeal with sidewalks.

Our Concrete Sidewalks Installation Services

Our bests pourers will work with your budget and build a beautiful sidewalk that lasts for decades without much maintenance. We can even help you decide if a poured concrete sidewalk is suitable for your driveway, porch, patio, or other outdoor surfaces.


  • Our process starts with a consultation.
  • Our specialists will show you different styles and designs to help guide your decision. The estimate we provide you will be a fair price that allows for accurate budgeting and planning.
  • After choosing the style that fits your needs, we take precise measurements and cut out a template of the area where we will install the new sidewalk. 
  • When that is ready, we pour concrete into the template before removing it from the ground. We ensure our concrete sidewalks have a uniform surface to be safe for pedestrians.
  • Once the concrete has cured for 24 hours, our professionals will do a walk-over with you to determine any problems before they arise.

We guarantee our work for ten years and offer maintenance services if necessary. This warranty ensures that your sidewalk is protected against damage from:


  • Cracks due to settlement or shifting soil under new installations.
  • Spalling caused by freeze or thaw of water trapped in small cracks over time.
  • Slippage on steep grades when wet.
  • Abrasion from foot traffic over time.
  • Mildew growth which could compromise strength after time.

We Add Decorative Borders

We create poured concrete sidewalks in full color, and we even offer stamped concrete in several different finishes. We can add decorative borders and standoffs to make your property more beautiful. 

If you are interested in transforming the look of your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about concrete sidewalks or other services.

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